The biggest asset for any organization is the people who work for it, and to find and retain the right individual is the biggest challenge today.

"At Progress we enable organizations to source, recruit and manage their most important asset: PEOPLE."

We at progress make sure that our clients always have the top talent and resources available to them. We do so by making it our business to understand your business and organization. In our consulting process, we take the time to learn the culture of your company to establish a tailored approach in recruiting the right candidates. For us the work does not end by matching the qualifications and experience of the candidates, but we go an extra mile to make sure the soft skills and personality traits are also compatible.

Our goal is to find the perfect fit for every position through our vast global network of candidates who have stood the test of time and have proved their excellence in their respective fields. Our hand holding policy makes us your partner in the search from the initial consultation to closure and beyond.